Right to the City Vote announces 2022 Endorsements!

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RTCV Announces 2022 Endorsements

Right to the City VOTE! (RTCV) today announced our endorsement of Rep Nika Elugardo for Second Suffolk State Senate district, Tanisha Sullivan for Secretary of State, and Councilor Ricardo Arroyo for District Attorney. Our official statement for each candidate is below.

In assessing candidates for endorsement, our coalition focuses on advancing a years long political movement anchored by the ongoing organizing, base-building, and power-building of residents most impacted by inequities. RTCV seeks commitments from candidates not only on policy platform positions, but also commitments to meaningfully engage community members and residents in sharing governance power once in office.

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RTCV Endorses Nika Elugardo for Second Suffolk Senator!

Representative Nika Elugardo has co-governed with advocates on the strategy for rent stabilization here in Boston, she is a champion on voting rights and environment sustainability and has stood with RTCV many times on hard issues like standing with rideshare workers for fair labor practices. Rep Elugardo is not just committed to big issues, but she also focuses on local ones. She has stood with advocates fighting for affordable housing development, and has strategized with constituents on how to ensure there are resources for young people in vulnerable communities facing gun violence. She has endorsed question 1,  the Fair Share amendment and is committed to building a diverse coalition across the Second Suffolk to combat our toughest issues like housing affordability. 

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RTCV Endorses Tanisha Sullivan for Secretary of State!

Tanisha Sullivan is a seasoned attorney that has dedicated her life as a public servant. She has served as Chief Equity Officer for Boston Public Schools in the past and since 2017, Tanisha has served as the President of the NAACP Boston, leading efforts to expand voting rights. Tanisha is a fierce advocate for educational justice, leading efforts to bring back Boston’s elected school board. As Secretary of State, Tanisha will advocate for Election Day voter registration and fully bilingual ballots by including translation of candidate names on ballots, efforts RTCV has long advocated for.

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RTCV Endorses Ricardo Arroyo for District Attorney!

Ricardo Arroyo is running for Suffolk County District Attorney with an understanding that the old “tough on crime” way is failed. As DA, Ricardo will make sure that issues like crime and gun violence are public health issues, and build a system that protects the safety and dignity of all people. With experience as a public defender before becoming a Boston City Councilor in 2019, Arroyo has led the fight along with RTCV to declare racism a public health crisis in Boston, passed the Facial Recognition Ban, and advocated for re-allocating public safety funding towards mental health, rehabilitation, and violence prevention resources.”